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Our Likeness...

A professional guide to fortune

From our humble beginnings as a corporation, "Our Likeness" stems from the meaning of Damuth. Thus, we believe that each of our clients represents the sum of our whole. As a corporation, we take pride in building relationships with our clients and guiding their process to become financially free. In doing so, the long lasting relationships we create become a principle of our business model.

The opportunities provided demonstrate our professional acumen within the financial industry. Each one of our executive specialists delve deep into the roots of our clients' dreams and goals, by solidifying beneficial steps to bring imagination into reality. Our answer: Education...

Illustrating Your Financial Future

"You're the executive of your life, you should be receiving executive level benefits."

- Travis N. Damuth, CEO

Our system creates and re-designs your passive income foundation to complete your financial goals. We build proper cash flow systems to accumulate long-term growth and preservation, while providing protection for families estates. By organizing and acquiring passive income streams, our executive partners actively strategize to find you the best plan for your financial and legacy objectives. Education is the key tool we utilize in order to increase awareness of financial vehicles that are required to generate wealth. These tools are widely used and believed to be only for high net-worth individuals. The team at Damuth Incorporated works diligently to pursue qualification for our clients in these institutions regardless of your current economic situation. We pursue a foundation impact strategy to determine a calculated financial outcome.

Passive Income Analysis

Your Passive Cash Flow Assessment

Looking to develop your passive income portfolio? If so, you'll need a foundation built plan. Let our licensed financial advisors guide your execution. Any person can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions. Tax friendly wealth accumulation is our main focus during analysis.


Our solutions cater to the individual through specific strategies focused on integrating multiple financial vehicles designed to protect against market corrections, market failures, tax increases, and administrative cost. Don’t be affected by these downfalls and pitfalls. Protect your family and wealth by insuring your wealth. 


Be proactive in managing your financial outcome by solidifying a strong financial foundation built to increase your passive income. This is done through qualifying our clients for plans built to preserve your family's legacy. If you have yet to implement the most important generational wealth building tool, now is the time. Let our team of licensed professionals secure this opportunity for you and your family. 

Real Estate Guidelines

Buy. Sell. Invest.

Managing Your Equity Potential

We examine and identify your real estate goals, whether it's to purchase a home, sell a home, or create an investment property portfolio. Our organization has developed strategies designed to create more equity through optimizing the impact your real estate profile can capture. Your personal identity along with your credit identity can be used in various unique ways to demonstrate a more positive fundability. This allows for our clients to generate more equity on the initial purchases.


We partner with you to assess your real estate goals in order to examine whether or not you're on track to receive the most equity you can attain. Considering we are in the most competitive and fast-paced world of real estate we have seen in recent history, we create focused strategies through the use of smart software resources to promote a better understanding of the implications every choice our clients can make. All the while, making sure each decision generates an increased equity plausibility. 


Real estate is an extremely useful tool when building wealth. Our approach is built to go beyond traditional investing in order to produce more equity growth potential. Our goal is to coach our clients on implementing these strategies, to increase more value to your real estate purchases. Get in touch with our licensed real estate professionals to learn more about how this service can help you accomplish your real estate goals.

"A life full of equity."

- Travis N. Damuth, CEO 

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Benefit Accumulation

Your Benefit Assessment

We cater to your financial needs through assessing your current strategizes. With this in mind, there may be many unseen negative factors that could be hindering your financial future. We assist in the qualification of executive level benefits not offered to employees but offered to top level management.


These benefits are accessible to anyone that has the ability to qualify. We take a sustainable approach in generating more income for your future financial goals. Our main driving force is our focus to create a tax saving environment. Each individual has their own longterm goals, in promoting these goals we build their cornerstone in order to create financial independence during their latter years through the use of a variety of benefit vehicles.


In finding a solution to create tax friendly wealth accumulation in your latter years; stress, worry, and lack of sufficient funding will cease to exist. These solutions are built to protect against the volatility of the current economic environment. You will no longer have to trade your time in the future for work, instead your time can be used for what you want. Allow our licensed financial advisor team to bring focus to your dreams. 

As a collective team of professionals, our mission is to engage with and provide our community with life sustaining financial services . The direct communities we are able to influence through our education in financial literacy, denote our focus in benefiting the future of our personal economies. We create an accessible approach to allow clients access to pertinent information in order to generate positive financial growth.  Our specific goal, aims to bring forward a sustainable financial future for ALL families.


Our main driving force is: "No families left behind."


Damuth Incorporated prides itself as being a tool to help guide others to build a financial cornerstone for their family legacy. This is where "Our likeness" comes full circle. 


Each member of our team believes in the mission and vision of Damuth Inc., which revere's and respects each human on planet earth, their role in business and in life. 

Our Team

"Click on the team members name to learn more about that individual."

Contact Us

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Suite 1530

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"As a realtor in Los Angeles it's imperative that I establish a sound financial strategy. When working with luxury homes, a proper foundation to create generational wealth is a must have. I give thanks to the team at Damuth INC. on assisting in establishing my strong financial future."

Gregory Eubanks


A Career With Us

Looking for a great career in the finance industry? Damuth Incorporated is looking for talented go-getters who are committed to our values of excellence and uncompromising quality. We’re currently looking to fill a variety of roles, so check out the openings below to see if any opportunity is the right fit for you.


Full-time Licensed Professional

Our financial professional associates are capable of mastering the complexities of the opportunity, continually learning new products, information, and approaches. We are able to recommend to customers the appropriate solutions that are in the best interest of the customer.
We generate partners whom are in this career, as committed leaders devoted to making an impact in the lives of the people we touch. We’re seeking individuals with these attributes.



We are looking to bring on professional associates willing to participate in a comprehensive development program, developing product knowledge, and selling experience while offering appropriate insurance and financial products to help clients meet their financial goals. 

After the training and development program, many will continue in financial services, assisting clients with a range of needs; others will go on to develop a specialty with proper licensing, such as fee-based financial planning, insurance for business needs, estate planning needs, or real estate investment planning.​ They must possess a commitment to honesty and a strong work ethic.

Training Associate


We have designed a program through Damuth Incorporated to allow students and part-timers to participate in an approved work or course experiecnce relevant to a chosen academic major and realted career objectives. Internships are designed to give students on-the-job experience and includes expert guidance.


Like-wise, with the inclusion of part-timers we provide a platform to become more professional through the mentorship provided. Individuals within this program are supported by training programs and mentoring opportunities at every stage of development. Representatives work in collaboration with our network of specialists to provide complimentary financial solutions to teach and learn how to be a professional. ​



A Story of Success

We have approached these projects carefully, as it was our very first undertaking of this scale. We studied our sponosors' businesses to create a focused and effective solution - and then watched how we aligned. We loved working with our sponsors, and look forward to collaborating together on many more successful projects in the future.

All donations and proceeds go directly to the sponsors you donate to. No donations and proceeds are passed through Damuth Incorporated and in no way are affiliated with the financial services offered. 

Our sponsors are not representative of the real estate or financial services that are offered. They are not affiliated through Damuth Incorporated.

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